středa 15. května 2013


Well... Hi everyone. I decided to remake this old blog, bacause I changed and all the articles here were a little bit... shitty... So that... This is something like a first article. It's a new beginning... So... Let me introduce myself ;)

Okay.. I was born in a little country called Slovakia. I still live (t)here, but I want to live in USA.
I'm 17 years old. And I'm a little creepy person who likes all the scary... what the fuck I'm talking about? I'm just a normal person, who listens to goth music and who usualy wears black clothes. And who loves bats. And unicorns.

I'm friendly and kind person, sometimes just an aggressive bitch. I'm crazy, but fuck it. Life's too short to be holy.

I'm a student and I will be pathologist, one day... maybe...
I love my friends and my family. They're my everything. I love to take photos and I love reading books. I like to write my own stories and poems. 
Music is my life. That's a phrase I use a lot. I listen to death rock, post-punk, horror-punk, goth rock and core music. I'm addicted to Specimen, Christian Death, 45 Grave. I love Asking Alexandria, because their music gave me a reason to live in the dark times.

 This blog will be about me, my life and about gothic subculture. I'll post my videos, photos and news from my life. I'll write about the music, make-up and fashion in subculture. I'll write in English, German or in the Slovak language. 

I love Germany.. ♥


Last thing. Sorry for mistakes in this article, I don't speak English very well. And if you're too lazy to read this shit, here's my video wtih stupid accent.


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  1. Nice intro. :3 I know how you feel about delting old posts. I have so many older ones that are just terrible!